Cornerstone: Bloomington, MN

Cornerstone works to prevent domestic abuse by educating and advocating, and leading the way to social change. Negative self esteem and domestic abuse go hand in hand. Cornerstone’s PAVE program, in 17 schools in their service area; focusing on educating students in elementary school, junior high and high school; on age related-issues including self-esteem, healthy communication, family abuse, healthy relationships, anger management, communication skills at home and at school, as well as bullying and harassment. 

For our performances at Transfiguration Lutheran Church on May 16th and 17th, two youth counselors from Cornerstone will be present to provide information, answer questions and participate in post-show discussions.

Jamesine Leigh, RYT 500

Jamesine has been a yoga teacher for over 12 years. Her teaching experience includes group and individual classes, and workshops in a variety of settings including Flagship Athletic Club, Spirit of the Lake Yoga, Eden Prairie Lifetime Athletic Club, both Bloomington and Chaska School Districts and Richardson Nature Center. While at Flagship Athletic Club, she developed and taught a class for pre-teen girls focusing on creating a positive mind/body experience and healthy self-esteem.  Her current teaching, work, researches and writing is in the field of holistic health, stress management, yoga, meditation and other practices that support well-being on all levels. She has done extensive research regarding anxiety issues and disorders, and is currently writing about those issues.



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