Chain Reaction Theatre Project

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4,000 Minnesota Youth are homeless on the streets each night in Minnesota. Be a part of the solution to resolve this issue!


Written and Directed by Shelley Smith

In October-November of 2016, Chain Reaction Theatre Project will bring to the stage the entertaining, inspirational, powerful and thought-provoking new play, “Invisible,” based on true stories of homeless suburban youth “unseen” and living amongst us in our suburban communities. There are an estimated 4,000 homeless youth in Minnesota each night. 1 out of 10 boys and 1 out of 4 girls will be solicited for sex trafficking within 24 hours of being on the street. The majority of these youth have experienced poverty, family conflict, abuse, mental illness and chemical dependency either personally or through family members. They “sleep” in places such as port-a-potties, buses, light rail trains, tents in the woods…or they couch hop…while still making it to school, managing to blend in and remaining “invisible.” Very little housing is available for homeless suburban youth, and since they are not street smart, they do not fare well in the city. Youth are much better able to thrive if they stay in their own community. Yet, it’s difficult to do well in school and maintain a job without reliable transportation, knowing where you will sleep, or where your next meal will come from.

This production will be performed at numerous locations in the south, southwest and western suburbs. For each production, we will have representatives, from other organizations that are working on this issue, join us in order to provide resources, to answer questions, to show ways that people can get involved and to participate in talkback/panel discussions with the audience.  In addition, we have an accompanying social media campaign surrounding the issues on our Facebook page, as well as resources on our website.

Stay tuned for performance dates, locations and readings. Check out our Get Involved page  for auditions, production roles and volunteer opportunities.  You can also be part of the solution with your financial support.  Find out how by visiting our Donations page. Let’s make some chain reactions!
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