Support our masculinity project!


Our next project addresses the narrow definition of masculinity in our society that creates a tremendous challenge for boys and men to be their true, authentic selves.

Boys enter this world as sweet, innocent babies…but then what happens? What are they taught? What pressures do boys and men face that can lead to “masculine” behavior such as sexual “conquests” with females; sexual assault and violence; objectification of females; viewing females as property…incapable, weak and unintelligent. What messages are males receiving that teach them that they must be strong, muscular, tough, dominating; that it’s not okay to ask for help or to display weakness/express emotions…that can lead to school shootings…incarceration. And what can we as a community do about it?

This new, original production will be created and portrayed through a collaborative curation of artists and art forms in a series of vignettes, combined with community interaction and discussion. You can be a link in the chain. With your financial support, we can reach our goal of $6,500 to bring this production to life, and to create a positive chain reaction for the betterment of our communities. Make your tax-deductible donation today!