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Announcing our 2020 Production: White Privilege – a play by Malaina Moore, directed by Justin Cervantes, produced by Shelley Smith

Chain Reaction Theatre Project’s next production, White Privilege, written by Malaina Moore, directed by Justin Cervantes and produced by Shelley Smith, will be presented in venues throughout the Twin Cities metro area, May 1-17, 2020.

Ms. Moore is a black student at Marquette University studying both Theatre and Social Justice. Her play has been produced three times to sold-out audiences in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, including to a group of law enforcement officers.

White Privilege is a series of vignettes performed by/scripted for both white and black actors. It explores a wide range of different issues, such as micro-aggressions, cultural appropriation, the education system, police brutality and history. The show, which is performed in two acts with one intermission, engages and informs the audience with genuine passion and compassion. It helps the audience to understand that white privilege exists: this is not a commentary that is ‘anti-white,’ but rather a commentary on how people perceive each other.

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