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       Upcoming Production: February, 2019

      What Guys Really Want”

In February, 2019, we will bring our next production, “What Guys Really Want,” to multiple venues throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Stay tuned for locations, dates and times. This production addresses the narrow definition of masculinity in our society; that creates a tremendous challenge for boys and men to be their true, authentic selves. Boys and men are inundated with  negative messages from the media, movies, music, peers and family, as to how they should act and behave. Often these  expectations contradict with their true feelings. They are told…boys don’t cry, man up, dress like a boy, have short hair, no hugs-bro hugs; be strong, tough, athletic, muscular and heterosexual; never back out of a fight, be powerful, in charge and dominating…to name a few. Many boys are resilient and have good role models that help them to become good men. But too often, we have hurting boys that grow up to be hurting men, which in turn, can hurt be hurtful to others as well. This production will raise awareness and create a conversation about how masculinity is shaped and formed amongst boys and men…too often in an unhealthy way…and how we as a community can change that. 

This new, original production will be created and portrayed through a collaborative curation of artists and art forms in a series of vignettes, combined with community interaction and discussion. You can be a link in the chain. With your financial support, we can reach our goal of $6,500 to bring this production to life, and to create a positive chain reaction for the betterment of our communities. Make your tax-deductible donation today!