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CRLogo_WebChain Reaction Theatre Project ignites the human spirit by creating compelling, entertaining and socially conscious theatre, inspiring audiences, artists and communities to be more socially conscious world citizens.

Blue Water
“The Flourishing Promise or Water’s Grace,” by Shelley Smith. October 19th, 8:15 am, 9:30 am and 10:45 am, Transfiguration Lutheran Church, 11000 France Ave. So., Bloomington. We will be partnering with two nonprofit organizations “Water of Life,” and “charity:water,” This is a community service project to raise awareness of global water issues juxtaposed with our local and national water issues. If your organization is interested in having us perform this short staged reading to raise awareness and fundraise for a water project, please contact

Upstanders 2, Ten Who Dared,”. A reader’s theatre piece about genocide by World Without Genocide. This production is being performed in partnership with the Eden Prairie Human Rights and Diversity Commission, at Eden Prairie Hennepin Technical College Auditorium, 13100 Collegeview Dr., Eden Prairie. 5:30 pm: appetizers, 6:00 pm: performance followed by a brief talkback discussion, 7:00 pm: “Human Library.”

Thank you to everyone for attending our performances of “Choices,” written by Shelley Smith with assistance by Danielle Krinvinchuk and created by the ensemble.
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Following is a sampling of the feedback we received from audience members:

“Amazing cast! Stirring, thought provoking play. Thank you everyone!”

“The play just blew my mind and I want to use this quote from Oliver Wendall Holmes: “A mind, once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”

“If you enjoy physicality, fantasy and social issues that make you think, this show’s for you.”

“I think you have written something that every single person in the world can find at least one thing in the play that they can relate to. That in itself is a rare feat. In my case I could relate to almost every single issue you touched.”

“You will never really know how many people’s lives you have touched, but I am guessing there will be many.”

“I loved the use of the ensemble as trees and rivers and mountains, etc., and how they were used to introduce personal reflection on issues and the peer pressure exerted on the characters. While a lot of the issues were subtle they were still easily identifiable and understood.”

“This play hits on a lot of issues we tend to sweep under the carpet. It may take you a couple days to digest all the content. Well written and produced. Provocative.”

“I saw the World Premiere a couple of weeks ago and “I was just awed by the simple complexity of the work. It deals with so many social issues that have touched my life over the years and it challenged me to think for several days afterwards. The casting was superb and the players were phenomenal and the use of actors as objects was really well done!”

Brother and sister duo, Caiden and Chloe, stray from their village of Inside Out into the crazy, fantastical world of Outside In. In order to return home, they must battle their inner fears, negative thoughts, peer pressure, societal messages and naysayers, as well as help others along the way and confront family members. In so doing, they embark on a journey of discovering their true selves.

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.”
Clean Water Land & Legacy AmendmentMetropolitan Regional Arts Council

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