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THANK YOU TO ATTENDEES AND HOSTS OF OUR MOST RECENT PERFORMANCE, “WHITE PRIVILEGE,” written by Malaina Moore. Below are just a few audience comments:

“Love this! Thank you for the raw emotion. It really made me realize how much I don’t know about my own biases and privilege. Thank you, and I look forward to exploring more.”

“Thank you, Chain Reaction Theatre Project for inviting us to host your powerful production of White Privilege.
Systemic Racism is real. We commit to recognizing it, repenting, listening to BIPOC leaders, and taking action.”

“It was emotional, it was raw, it was so incredibly powerful.”

“Thank you for producing this play. It was very meaningful and thought provoking, and the actors were marvelous. The post-show talkback comments from the actors were so impactful—especially their suggestions on what to do to correct/help the situation.”

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