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Anna Wakefield as Mukhtar Mai in SEVEN

Anna Wakefield as Mukhtar Mai in SEVEN


Our next project addresses the narrow definition of masculinity in our society that creates a tremendous challenge for boys and men to be their true, authentic selves. We invite you to submit your ideas/thoughts/experiences surrounding masculinity. What is masculinity? Who defines it? Where do ideas and definitions of masculinity come from? Some of the themes we will be addressing (among others) include societal messages to males as to how they should look and behave, fatherhood, gun violence, domestic abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment. Submissions may be in the form of personal stories, essays, poems, spoken word, 5-10 minute plays, drawings, paintings or videos. This is open to everyone of all ages and genders…you don’t need to be a writer or an artist. Submissions may be made anonymously, if you so choose. Leaders/teachers: consider using this as an assignment for a classroom or group. Submissions may be used in part or in whole to create and perform small readings and/or the final production. Deadline is April 30th. (If you need longer than that, please contact us at Submissions should be emailed to, or mailed to: Chain Reaction Theatre Project, P.O. Box 46272, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

In addition to the questions above, following are several questions to think about to help you get started…feel free to use some or all of them…or not.

Who is someone you can really rely upon and count on? Do you have someone you can talk to?

Have you ever felt forced to fight for fear of losing face?

How does peer pressure affect you?

How do you define family? What is your role in the family? What would you like your role to be?

How often do you cry? Are you afraid to cry in front of others?

What are you afraid of?

What motivates you?

What challenges have you overcome?

How would you like to change our world?

Questions? Email us at

Play Submissions

We are currently seeking works and plays that deal with the following topics:

Masculinity: Looking for (from all genders) spoken word poetry, poetry, song, music, performance art, dance, 10 minute plays…whatever speaks from your heart. Works about or based on personal and/or real experiences are the most powerful.

Racial Issues: Plays or other types of  artistic works.

Environmental Issues: Plays or other types of artistic works.

Please send submissions electronically to or by mail to Chain Reaction Theatre Project, P.O. Box 46272, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.


Chain Reaction Theatre Project is always in need of volunteers and interns. If you are interested, please email, and we will match your skills and interests with our current needs.