About Chain Reaction Theatre Project

The Flourishing Promise of Water’s Grace

“The Flourishing Promise of Water’s Grace”


Chain Reaction Theatre Project ignites the human spirit by creating compelling, entertaining and socially conscious theatre, inspiring audiences, artists and communities to be more socially conscious world citizens.


Our vision is to use the powerful and entertaining art form of theatre, to create entertaining and thought-provoking works that focus on social justice issues, ranging in scope from local to global, in order to increase awareness and to inspire and encourage audiences and communities to take action.


For each production, we partner with other nonprofits whose work relates to the show’s theme. We provide resource materials at the performances as well as through social media. We also have talkback discussions after our performances. We produce a wide range of theatre including classic and contemporary texts, dramas, comedies, adaptations of existing texts as well as new works, while using a variety of performing arts mediums.

Who We Are: Read about our staff and board members.