Past Production: “What Guys REALLY Want”

February 9 – March 3, 2019

Story compilation and direction by Shelley Smith

FEATURING: Naved Baysudee, Emily Carlson, Justin Cervantes, Elizabeth Efteland, Nolan Henningson, Mai See Lee, Eric Marinus and Jordan Mitchell.


Our world premiere of “What Guys Really Want,” features heartfelt stories of masculinity from the male perspective, portrayed through a collaborative curation of artists and art forms in a series of vignettes, combined with community interaction and discussion. 

The narrow definition of masculinity in our society creates a tremendous challenge for boys and men to be their true, authentic selves. Boys and men are inundated with negative messages from the media, movies, music, peers and family, as to how they should act and behave. Often these expectations contradict with their true feelings. This production raises awareness and creates a conversation about how masculinity is shaped and formed amongst boys and men…too often in an unhealthy way…and how we as a community can change that.