Past Production: “SEVEN”

by Paula Cizmar, Catherin Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deveare Smith, and Susan Yankowitz

First run: March, 2012
Second run: September, 2012

Inspirational and true stories of seven daring women fighting injustice.
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Cast Lists:

First Run: Gini Adams, Indira Addington, Kim Egan, Gizelle Erickson, Jeannie Lander, Gretchen Retka and Anna Wakefield.
Second Run: Gini Adams, Kim Egan, Gizelle Erickson, Danielle Krivinchuk, Christy Nix, Joann Oudekerk and Jamaka Young.
Musician: Adam Luoma.
Stage Manager: Linda Hayen

Cast of SEVEN, First Run
Audience comments:

“Excellent production. Thank you!”
“It was a powerful experience.”
“Outstanding. I’ll watch for future productions.”
“Level of general awareness of these issues world wide needs to be increased drastically–thanks for your part!”
“Very moving and powerful. The stories and the way it was performed was very powerful. Thank you for this show. The struggle is not over.”
“Very nice! Very inspirational!”
“Wow! Amazingly moving.”
“The acting was wonderful. Excellent show and message.”
“It was fabulous!”
“Thank you for including the nonprofit partner as part of the activity.”
“It was very moving and enlightening.”
“The actresses were excellent. Can schools see this?”
“I loved it all!”
“The quality of this show evokes much processing about our current world and about my own personal world. It’s memory is treasured,because it affirms my passion to make every personal transaction a healthy one, consistent with my professed values, you so well represented. Thank you!”
“Wonderful, very insightful, a lot to learn from this!”
“Wow! What great talent and voice of knowledge. Wonderful. The info needs to be spread. Truth.”
“It was truly an inspirational and compelling play.”
“Inspiring and intense. Thank you for the experience.
“Beautiful! Amazing!”
“Excellent, very moving show. Powerful storytelling. Beautiful acting.”
“The show was excellent, and the stories were very powerful.”


This activity was made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.