Past Production: “Invisible”


In October-November 2016, Chain Reaction Theatre Project brought to the stage the world premiere of “Invisible,” written and directed by Shelley Smith. “Invisible,” based on true stories, is an inspirational, powerful and thought-provoking play portraying the courageous journeys of five tenacious suburban youths battling homelessness. Invisible, unseen and unnoticed, an estimated 4,000 youths are homeless in Minnesota on any given night. Where are they? How do we not see them? Our youth sleep in places such as port-a-potties, buses, light rail trains, in the woods, or they couch hop while still making it to school and jobs, managing to blend in and remain invisible. Smith, a volunteer at Oasis for Youth in Bloomington, listens to the stories of these individuals, and in turn has gained awareness and knowledge of the unseen homeless youth living in our suburban midst. Smith’s focused work on homeless suburban youth is an intriguing, insightful and important new work. It runs approximately 90 minutes, with one suggested intermission, and is available for licensing. The production was performed at nine venues in the south, southwest and western suburbs.  Representatives from thirteen nonprofits, whose missions match the issues in the play, were at the performance in order to answer questions, provide information and participate in a post-show talkback discussion.

“Thank you for bringing this issue to the light. I am so moved and inspired to become involved.”
“Very moving. Personalizes situations. No longer abstract or distant.”
“Absolutely stunning show. Thank you.”
“Thank you! Intelligent, well-crafted labor of love, compassion and art. Great acting.”

Cast: Stalyon Blackmon, Clara Coyle, Traiveon Dunlap, Daniel Martin and Essence Stiggers


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